Veal sirloin with porcini mushrooms

Serves 4:
800 g veal sirloin, 4 porcini mushrooms (about 100 g each), caul fat, 15 sage leaves, 2 garlic cloves, 50 g butter, extra virgin olive oil, 1 spoonful milk cream, 3 nuts, salt and pepper.

Divide the sirloin into four parts. Squash them slightly with your hands and give them a round shape. Add salt and pepper and spread two spoonfuls of sage cream. Cut the mushroom stalks into thin slices and wrap them round the meat. Then wrap the caul fat round them. These veal rolls are to be cooked in a metal frying pan with olive oil, a little butter and one garlic clove. Sautée both sides for five minutes and put them in the oven at 200°C for five minutes. The sirloin must be served in slices (that are not too thin) with the mushroom caps (cooked in a pan with a garlic clove, some oil and the remaining butter). Add the liquid from the mushroom caps at the end.
Sage cream: put 15 sage leaves, a spoonful of milk cream, a spoonful of melted butter, three nuts and some salt in a blender. If the blended sauce is too thick, add more cream.